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Birth Roots Philosophy
Birth Roots midwives are dedicated to providing safe, effective midwifery care. We believe that pregnancy is a normal but important stage in a woman's life, and that all women have the right to a positive birth experience. We feel that through these positive experiences, the profound and life-changing event of becoming a mother will impact a woman's entire life, also extending to her family/whanau.

As midwives we are the "guardians of normal birth," and as such we strive to keep each woman's journey into motherhood a natural and enjoyable one. We use our knowledge of normal pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period to guide women through this journey, and also to take action when we see things deviating from normal so that mother and baby remain safe at all times.

Maternity care is free for all residents of New Zealand, and therefore Birth Roots midwifery care is offered absolutely free of charge. This is well in keeping with our philosophy that all women, regardless of financial means, should receive the best maternity care available to them in New Zealand. The Birth Roots midwives look forward to caring for you and your baby!